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Support Engineer March 6, 2015 digitalsignage.NET HTML5 Software

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Andrew Walsh August 17, 2012 digitalsignage.NET HTML5 Software


Thank you for taking an interest in digitalsignage.NET, cloud based digital signage software from Dynamax 

With a simple-to-use interface controlled via your Internet browser, it will have your screens displaying your informative messages quicker than ever.

The addition of HTML5 support, dynamic content via our widgets (eg. news, 3 day weather, travel, Twitter), energises your screens with real-time information without any extra- effort from your side.

The following guide will help you understand digitalsignage.NET and provide information on what you need to get started.


  • What is digitalsignage.NET
  • Features
  • Media Hardware
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Help and Support


What is digitalsignage.NET?

 Our 2 minute video will make it easy for you to understand the product.

Click here or in the video window below



Designed for the cloud

digitalsignage.NET by Dynamax brings unprecedented levels of scalability & reliability to digital signage which means that you can grow your network at your own pace. Operating multiple virtualised servers in up to 6 data centres simultaneously around the world, you are connected to the data centre best for you. Data is automatically backed up and replicated so it will never be lost.

Ease of use

A simple web-based user interface, it allows you to upload your media files in three simple stages: Add, Schedule and Publish. You can drag and drop the uploaded images and videos straight into your Playlist and get your content published on the screens in seconds.

Media support

Play images, video, website and Flash together with social media feeds and live video including TV to keep your screens fresh and interesting throughout the day. The streaming/use of live data allows you to show new information constantly without any human intervention which saves your time.

Layouts and Dynamic content

Select from our pre-loaded layouts and make them dynamic with the addition of various widgets (time, weather, news). Display complementary information simultaneously by organizing your screen into zones that can show both your communications and real-time data (pulled/ streamed from the Internet).


Choose from our ever- increasing range of dynamic widgets to keep your communications fresh and poignant all the time.


Playlist are groups of media files (images and videos) organised based on various criteria of your choice, such as location (i.e. shop A or hallways), topic-(events, promotions, announcements) or days of the week. Once created, you can schedule them to play when and where you want.


Channels are similar to a TV channel. You decide your screen locations, for example in the Reception and in the Café area. You create a Reception channel and a Café channel. Once created you can drag and drop your appropriate Playlist into the Channels and Publish it to the screens.


The Reporting section shows you what files have been played, when and on which Channels and Players associated with your screens. Generated reports can be exported providing proof of playback performance from the system to present them to your advertising clients or your other colleagues.

Media Hardware

You can access your digitalsignage.NET portal from any standard PC or MAC connected to the Internet and manage your files.

To publish them on your screens, you will need any SMIL or HTML5- based device or Window 7, Vista, Windows XP PC or one of our approved Android devices (that will act as your media player.) SMIL based and Android devices are solid state and have no Windows operating system, making them extremely easy to setup and whisper quiet. 


             Photoframe.jpeg.png                           SMIL_Player.jpeg.png      Screen_Shot_2013-09-04_at_16.10.57.png

Windows PC’s specifications for digitalsignage.NET really depend on the types of files and designs you wish to display. Images only require a small amount of processing power, however full HD content will need a PC with plenty of horsepower. So choose a PC that fits your content requirements. Please find a PC specification guide below.



Our Features list below outlines media hardware capabilities



                                   * Live playback dependent on media device specification and compatible capture or streaming device

Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic Widgets allow you to make use of live information within your layout. For example, you may wish to display the latest news or the weather for your area, add tweets from your Twitter account (or RSS feeds from your blog), or create customer screen interaction using QR codes. Dynamic widgets can enhance your screen and keep your audience informed and entertained and keep your communications fresh and poignant at all times.


                                                                                                         Sample Weather Widget


                                                                                    Sample Layout example with Widgets


Help and Support

Getting help with digitalsignage.NET is easy. Within each section there are help question marks. Clicking on the question marks will reveal an information box relating to the section you are looking at. This information box will provide some useful tips to help you.




If you still require more information or have a question you can always use the Free email support that comes with digitalsignage.NET.

You can submit your request in two ways

  •  Click on the Support word at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to our Support page where you can submit a ticket





Once you have submitted your support request one of our support engineers will respond as soon as possible.


Support Forum


Also you maybe able to find out the information you require by accessing our Forum. This can be found at top of the screen.


If you would like to know more or take a trial please go to:

http://home.dgitalsignage.NET and set up a free trial/ create an account.